Front-Line Demonstration

Year: 2018-19
Sl.No.CropThematic AreaTechnology DemonstratedSeasonArea(ha)Participants




Disease Management Application of Bordeaux mixture 1% (21days interval) for controlling Tikka Disease August-Dec. 1 3


Pest ManagementManaging termites by incorporating Mustard cake@500kg/ha during land preparation 15days before sowing of seeds August-Dec. 1 3


1 Ginger Integrated Nutrient Management

INM in Ginger(Var-Nadia)-(FYM10 t/ha,+Vermicompost5 t/ha+Neem Cake-150 kg/ha+Rock phosphate-150 kg/ha



3 3
2 CauliflowerIntegrated Nutrient Management

INM in Cauliflowe
r(Var-Pusa Deepali)

( FYM: 200 q/ha+ Vermicompost-10 q/ha +Biofertilizer -25 kgs/ha)




2 2
3 Mandarin OrangeIntegrated Crop Management

Management of Fruit Drop  in Mandarin Orange
(FYM-250 q/ha,Vermicompost-100q/ha,Lime-275kgs/ha,Plant Growth Regulator-1ml/litre)


Jan-Dec 2018

2 2


1 Ginger

Value addition

Ginger Candy November 2 Nos of SHG Groups 28


1 Pigeon pea

Varietal evaiuation

Popularization of pulse crop pigeon pea

Seed inoculation with rhizobium & PSB each @ 50g/kg seed & application of lime @ 2 tonnes/ha before 15-20days of sowing
August 3 14
2 Vermicompost


Enhancing use of vermicompost & its production
Source of materials
T1- Common weeds
T2-Banana pseudostem

T3-Crop residues(Rice,maize,pulses & oilseeds)
All season 20 Units 20


1 Fish (carps

Fish production and management

Composite fish culture. (IMC and exotic carps)

Aug-Feb 1 10
2 Smoked fish

Fish processing and value addition

Smoke curing of fish through CoFiski specially for village farmwomen SHGs Sept-Mar N/A 15


Year: 2017-18
Sl.No.CropThematic AreaTechnology DemonstratedSeasonArea(ha)Participants
1TomatoBiocontrol of pests and disease

Management o bacterial wilt disease in Tomato

Rabi 1 3
2BrinjalIntegrated Pest Management

Management of Fruit and shoot borer in Brinjal by intercropping Coriander as Trap crop

Rabi 1 3


Crop Production Popularisation of HYV(Pant Samrat) Rabi 1 3


Integrated Nutrient ManagementPopularisation ofHYV(Pusa Mukta) Rabi 1 2
5Mandarin OrangeIntegrated Crop Management

Management o fruit drop in Mandarin Orange

Rabi 1 1
6Groundnut Varietal Evaluation

Introduction of HYV (ICGS-76)

Rabi 2 10
7 BroccoliCrop ProductionPopularization of HYV of  broccoli(PUSA Broccoli KTS-1) Rabi 1 1
8 FishFish Processing and Value additionPopularization of improved method of fish smoking(COFISKI) Kharif - 20
9 Banana

Crop Production

Popularization of HYV of  banana Kharif 1 1
Year: 2016-17
Sl.No.CropThematic AreaTechnology DemonstratedSeasonArea(ha)Participants
1ToriaVarietal Evaluation

Popularization of HYV  of Toria ( TS-38 )

Rabi 1.5 15
2ToriaVarietal Evaluation

Popularization of HYV of Toria (TS-36 )

Rabi 1.5 15
3TomatoCrop IntensificationPopularization of HYV of Tomato (Kashi Vishesh) Rabi 1 1
4Cauliflower Integrated Nutrient Management Popularization of HYV of Cauliflower Rabi 2 2
5Mandarin OrangeIntegrated Crop Management

Management of Fruit Drop  in Mandarin Orange

Rabi 1 1
6PoultryEvaluation of Breeds

Introduction and popularization of Poultry

(Kamrupa breed)
Rabi 60 Birds 3
7 FodderFeed and FodderGrowth performance of HYV of fodders Kharif 2 2
Year: 2015-16
Sl.No.CropThematic AreaTechnology DemonstratedSeasonArea(ha)Participants
1BananaIntegrated Disease ManagementManagement of Panama wilt DiseaseSummer13
2Mandarin OrangeIntegrated Pest ManagementManagement of trunk borer, bark eating caterpillers and leaf eaterssummer13
3PotatoIntegrated crop ManagementIntercropping of Potato with field peaRabi53
4Bottle Gourd Varietal EvaluationPopularization of HYV of Bottle Gourd (var. Narendra Rashmi) Kharif3
5BananaVarietal EvaluationPopularization of HYV of Banana (var. Dwarf Cavendish)Kharif3
6OrangeRejuvenation of od orange orchardRejuvenation of old orange orchardRabi12
7MilkValue additionProcessing of milk11
8MilkValue additionProcessing of milk12
9MaizeDrudgery reductionMaize Sheller14
10PotatoVarietal evaluationPopularization of HYV of potato(var. Kufri Jyoti)Rabi210
11PotatoCropping systemIntercropping of potato with field peaRabi210